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Kenya Moore Defends Her Decision to Pull a Gun on Home Trespassers


Kenya Moore Defends Her Decision to Pull a Gun on Home Trespassers
Kenya Moore Defends Her Decision to Pull a Gun on Home Trespassers

Kenya Moore is sticking to her guns.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed Friday that three unidentified intuders hopped her home's fence and approached Moore Manor, sharing security footage stills on her Instagram that showed her pulling a gun on the trespassers. She also posted two videos detailing what had occurred. But while appearing on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, Moore defended her decision to pull out her gun.

Host Andy Cohen asked Moore if the weapon was loaded, and she enthusiastically responded, "Absolutely!"

"Listen, if some crazy MFs have the nerve—I have a gated property—they went around my gate. They went and trespassed," Moore explained. "They did so many things that were asking for it, not only to be shot but an ass whoopin'. They're just lucky they didn't get both. So you come to my property, I have the right to defend myself. What if I had children? I'm protecting my family."

"Did they run right away?" Cohen wondered.

"Absolutely!" Moore said. 

One day after the intrusion, Moore offered $1,000 to anyone who could identify one or more of the trespassers. The 45-year-old Bravolebrity also provided additional information regarding the trio.

"They were driving a white car. The female was recording on her phone the entire time," the Bravolebrity wrote. "They told someone! Turn them in anonymously and if it leads to their arrest you will get $1000 each. It is never ok to violate anyone this way. It is not funny. Men showing up at your door is an immediate threat. Things could have ended badly and all 3 will be criminally prosecuted."

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