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Destiny's Child Alum LaTavia Roberson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage For The Very First Time


Destiny's Child Alum LaTavia Roberson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage For The Very First Time
Destiny's Child Alum LaTavia Roberson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage For The Very First Time

As you may remember over the summer, former Destiny's Child singer LaTavia Roberson experienced complications with her second pregnancy, which ultimately resulted in a miscarriage.

The mother of three-year-old Lyric opened up about the "unfortunate" loss of her second daughter for the very first time in a new interview with People.

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The 35-year-old revealed:

"Unfortunately, on July 4th, I gained an angel, instead of her being here with me. I have two daughters. Even in the death of my second daughter, her spirit has guided me to stay true to who I am, to be a lot more ambitious, to take more risks. Her spirit has definitely given me a different meaning on what it is to have life."

Miz Roberson continued by emphasizing how motherhood has changed her perspective on life:

"Being a mother has taught me so much. Having my daughter is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She changed me for the better, in my outlook on life."

In the spring, the songstress will be releasing a memoir entitled I Am LaTavia, which will chronicle her journey and past struggles — including molestation, addiction, depression, and leaving the Beyoncé-led girl group in 2000.

Of writing the book, LaTavia shared:

"I'm thankful — to write my book, to have a voice, to go out into the community with that and be a philanthropist, to follow my dreams that I've had since I was 15 years old. I'm just living life."

She added:

"I started, and then I had writers' block for like four years. Just in the last year and a half, I was able to finally go ahead and finish. It was hard, but it was very therapeutic, so it did me some good, in my eyes."

At the end of the day, the TV personality said she wouldn't trade her experiences for the world, as they've shaped her into the woman she is today:

"A lot of people try to sugarcoat things, but I love my life: I love everything that I've gone through; that's why I go and do a lot of motivational speaking to young girls about self-esteem, just being a wonderful woman. You don't know how people are gonna look at you, how people are gonna judge you. But the good, the bad, ugly? I wouldn't take any of that away — because then I would not be who I am."

Preach on, bb!

[Image via Instagram.]

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