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George Michael's Partner Deletes His Twitter After Shocking Messages Pop Up Saying Singer Tried To Kill Himself 'Many Times'


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Fadi Fawaz says he is not responsible for the shocking messages posted to his Twitter account early Sunday morning claiming George Michael wanted to die.

A series of emotional tweets stated outright that George had tried to kill himself "many times" — seemingly implying he might have done so on Christmas day.

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Fadi has since said the tweets were absolutely NOT written by him and that his account was hacked and then shut down. But not before thousands saw the messages.

See screenshots of the now-deleted tweets (below):

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Fadi told the Mirror Online he didn't know anything about the messages until he saw them on the news, saying:

"I am shocked with what's going on with the Twitter thing. My Twitter account has been hacked and closed.

It's a bit scary to be honest. I did not send those tweets. I woke up at 11:30 a.m. to the news. I am not going to worry about these things."

George's death has been ruled as "inconclusive" for the moment, though investigators also said it was not suspicious.

As always, we'll keep you up to date with any new information.

[Image via Instagram/Twitter.]

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