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EastEnders fans sickened as Steven Beale and Abi Branning plot to trick Lauren Branning into believing his brain tumour is real


STEVEN Beale and Abi Branning have teamed up against Lauren Branning as they plot to fool her over his brain tumour.

The restaurant manager recently left viewers gobsmacked after he lied about having a brain tumour.

During a recent  dramatic episode of EastEnders, Lauren Branning – played by Jacqueline Jossa – tried to secretly leave Albert Square and controlling boyfriend Steven Beale – played by Aaron Sidwell – by moving to New Zealand. 

But Lauren decided to stay in Walford to make a go of things with her boss Josh.

However, before Lauren had a chance to announce that she was leaving him, a desperate Steven blurted out that he was dying from a brain tumour.

EastEnders fans sickened as Steven Beale and Abi Branning plot to trick Lauren BranningEastEnders: Steven Beale stepped up his plot to manipulate Lauren Branning after watching her confess her feelings for boss Josh [BBC]

Viewers were naturally disgusted by the line and in Monday’s episode, Steven took his lie one step further.

After watching a distraught Lauren crying over his diagnosis via his secret camera at her work, a guilty Steven was prepared to tell her the truth about his lie.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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However, at that moment, Lauren’s love interest Josh showed up and he overheard her telling him that she would be with him if she could.

A furious Steven then decided to get revenge on his girlfriend and enlisted her manipulative sister Abi – played by Lorna Fitzgerald – to help him.

After admitting that he didn’t really have a brain tumour, Steven then convinced her to help him persuade Lauren that his cancer was real.

Knowing that Abi fancied him, Steven told her that if she helps him, he’ll leave Lauren and the two can be together.

EastEnders fans sickened as Steven Beale and Abi Branning plot to trick Lauren BranningEastEnders: Steven Beale and Abi Branning plot to trick Lauren Branning over the brain tumour [BBC]

Eternally jealous of her sister and smitten with Steven, Abi was only too happy to help.

Later in the episode, Lauren showed Steven a brain scan of a dog that had a tumour, stepping up their deception even further.

Viewers watching at home were left stunned by the pair, with many commenting on how horrible it was that the duo could lie about such a horrendous thing.

“Watching Abi and Steven makes me feel physically ill #EastEnders,” commented one viewer.

While another raged: “Steven and Abi are two sick and twisted people! #EastEnders.”

Another warned: “Abi & Steven both suit each other, both liars, both cheats, both attention seekers. But what goes around comes around #Karma #EastEnders.”

While another viewer threatened to stop watching the soap, adding: “#Eastenders is disgusting right now, Steven is disgusting, Abi is disgusting and I'm done, byeeeeeee.”

But just how long can the two keep up their deception before Lauren finally learns the truth?

EastEnders continues on BBC One. 

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