This Morning: Davina McCall makes Phillip Schofield panic when he thinks she's going to swear in an interview


DAVINA McCall made Phillip Schofield panic during her debut appearance on This Morning as a presenter.

After Phillip admitted that the show had been trying for a while to get her to cover Holly Willoughby, Davina revealed how excited she was.

However, just half an hour into her first day, the former Big Brother presenter scared her co-host when it sounded like she was going to swear.

Explaining how she had put on the extra pounds, Chanelle Hayes, who sat on the sofa to talk about how she was going to lose weight, said: "Just before Christmas, we must have had every single take away."

Reacting to Chanelle's comment, Davina added: "And it's just so full of sugar and cream."

[undefined]This Morning: Davina McCall makes Phillip Schofield panic on the show: Davina McCall scared Phillip Schofield when it looked like she was going to swear [ITV]

While her comment was completely harmless, the presenter's pause around the start of the word sugar made it sounds like she was going to swear.

Picking up on it, Phillip declared: "I didn't know what you were going to say then! Davina!"

Monday, December 05, 2016

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Monday, December 05, 2016

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Admitting that she thought the same thing, Chanelle joked: Davina! Please do not swear!"

The interview also saw Chanelle admit that her recent weight gain had begun to have a negative impact on her health.

"I’m an 18 now. I’m too heavy. I’m on painkillers now because I’m too heavy for my frame," Chanelle confessed.

"I can barely get up with my back," the star said as she insisted that her plan to shed the pounds wasn't part of her plan to release a DVD. 

[undefined]This Morning: Davina McCall makes Phillip Schofield panic on the show: Chanelle was on the show to talk about her weightloss [ITV]
[undefined]This Morning: Davina McCall makes Phillip Schofield panic on the show: Phillip admitted that he didn't know what to expect from Davina during the interview [ITV]
[undefined]This Morning: Davina McCall makes Phillip Schofield panic on the show: Even Chanelle thought Davina was about to swear [ITV]

During the discussion with Phillip Schofield and Davina McCall, who has stepped in to replace Holly Willoughby whilst she is on holiday, Chanelle admitted that along with her back pain, she has also been having leg pain, is on the brink of being diagnosed with diabetes and her menstrual cycle isn't in sync.

The star even recalled how her doctor told her she needed to shed the pounds before her back pain would get better.

Explaining how she would slim down this year, the former Big Brother presenter added: "I’ve done all these extreme things and it’s just not my thing.

[undefined]This Morning: Davina McCall makes Phillip Schofield panic on the show: Phil was seen holding his head in his hands as Davina giggled away [ITV]

"I’m horrible and evil when I’ve done it before, so I’ve got to be more responsible."

This Morning returns, weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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