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Educating Greater Manchester's BIGGEST behind-the-scene secrets exposed: What REALLY goes on at Harrop Fold school


EDUCATING Greater Manchester is on Channel 4.

By Miranda Knox

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Educating Greater Manchester has been a big hit with Channel 4 viewersEducating Greater Manchester has been a big hit with Channel 4 viewers [Channel 4]Educating Greater Manchester has captivated viewers since the series returned to Channel 4. 

A fly-on-the-wall documentary, the Educating series explores day to day life in a typical secondary school - and all the emotions and turmoil that comes with school life. 

This series' school, Harrop Fold, was once dubbed 'the worst in the country' but with the help of stern but fair headmaster Drew Povey and the rest of the no-nonsense staff, has come on leaps and bounds. 

And over the episodes, viewers have seen how the Manchester bombings affected pupils, and felt emotional at the adorable friendship between new pupil Rani, and Jack. 

Here are all the behind the scenes secrets from the show…

Harrop Fold school's reputation has really improvedHarrop Fold school's reputation has really improved [Channel 4]


According to Radio Times, the crew spent over a year at the school, and filmed over 2,000 hours of footage to make eight one hour episodes - which is A LOT in terms of TV. 


60 cameras were rigged up around the school buildings, as well as filming inside pupils' houses for the first time too. 

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Educating Greater Manchester is on Channel 4Educating Greater Manchester is on Channel 4 [Channel 4]

Director Warren Smith told the Radio Times: "“We wanted to go and film what’s going on at home, to hear what the parents think out of school. We wanted to give that outside picture, which we haven’t heard before." 


The school has really improved its reputation, but it wasn't always that way. 

In 2004 Ofsted inspectors described pupils as "Intimidating, rowdy and unruly," and two police officers were permanently on site. 

Educating Greater Manchester viewers follow the lives of the pupils and teachers of Harrop Fold SchoolEducating Greater Manchester viewers follow the lives of the pupils and teachers of Harrop Fold School [Channel 4]

The school had five different head teachers in five terms at its worst. 


Headteacher Drew Povey has employed the help of his two brothers - Ross, 41, and Ben, 33, to assist him in running the school. 

Ben is a member of the behaviour team, and Ross is a deputy.  

Educating Greater Manchester: Viewers in TEARS at how cute Rani is as the Syrian student attempts to make friendsEducating Greater Manchester: Syrian student Rani left viewers in tears in episode one[Channel 4]

Pregnancy plot

Viewers followed 15 year old Mia Peers story, as she struggled to study for her GCSEs while seven and a half months pregnant. 

While it wasn't clear if she'd continue her studies, the student is now studying hairdressing at college, while looking after baby Isla, six months. 

Watch Educating Greater Manchester, Thursday, Channel 4, 9pm, or on catch-up on 4OD. 

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