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Woman recorded making racist rant against Filipino neighbor


Woman recorded making racist rant against Filipino neighbor
Woman recorded making racist rant against Filipino neighbor

A Filipino man in Las Vegas records his neighbor's racist rant on New Year's Eve.

(Dexter B Manawat/Facebook)


Updated: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 1:55 PM

A Las Vegas woman caught on camera during a racist rant against her Filipino neighbor over leaf cleanup has apologized.

The unidentified woman appeared sweeping up leaves in a video that her neighbor Dexter Manawat says was shot on New Year’s Eve.

“You’re like orange savages,” she says, adding that Manawat came “from some piece of s--- Manila-a-- f---in ghetto living under a tarp piece of s--- land.”

She said that he was “one f---ing generation out of the jungle.”

“This, on New Years Eve, when all you hope for is that evil would rid of itself,” Manawat said alongside his Facebook post.

He told KTNV that the rant came after an argument over cleaning up leaves, and that he had never been called orange before.

His unidentified neighbor old the station that she was sorry, and that her tirade was directed toward Manawat rather than Filipino people in general.

“I wasn’t raised that way,” she said, apologizing for stooping “to the lowest possible denominator to hurt someone because I was angry.”

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